While Light of Christ Radio began as a weekly radio program, it has expanded to a weekly podcast, daily blog, and weekly video all around a single text. We use Biblical Storying to examine a portion of Scripture in each format. This allows anyone to understand the Bible and gives space for the Holy Spirit to speak through the story to impact lives. Through Biblical teaching, we aim to glorify Christ and equip His people to stay focused on Him!

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We tend to look at the Bible as a series of separate, smaller stories. But the greatest story point to Jesus.

Our current series takes all the smaller stories and gives us a better story by which to live our lives. We need to know and follow Jesus more deeply to stand firm and faithful against the current cultural winds.

This year-long series is an overview of the Bible containing multiple mini-series represented by one word. As we hear the greatest story, we are better equipped to read and understand the Bible, whose overarching story points to Jesus.

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