My husband Tom and I founded Light of Christ church to be a discipling church. With that in mind, we spent thousands of dollars to train ourselves and leaders with a nationally known discipling program. While this program was based on Godly principles, it contained very little Scripture. It was difficult to teach and without the Living Word, our disciple groups struggled. So, we changed to another program that had been very successful in a friend’s church. It was Scripture rich but as we began to use it, we again discovered it was difficult to teach and reproduce. We did not have the same teaching giftings as our friend. This second program did, however, show us the need to make the Scriptures more accessible to our congregation.

            It was at this time Tom suggested that we explore Biblical storytelling. I had just finished my first year of seminary and had worked hard in my Bible exegesis class. Storytelling sounded like the dumbest idea I had ever heard. But, since I did not have any better ideas for discipling our people, I agreed to go. When I experienced the Bible storytelling group, I found it to a profound time of revelation from Scripture. The story was of the Prodigal Son which I had read, and heard sermons on many times. This session was different, the group saw new insight and opened themselves up to God in a way I had never experienced. Maybe this whole storytelling thing wasn’t so dumb after all.


Fast forward several years, our church now uses Chronological Biblical storytelling for Sunday school, sermons, and small groups. It is not the magic bullet nor the only teaching methodology, but it has been a very helpful structure to provide spiritual growth for our congregation. It is easy to reproduce and we can reach more people because lay leaders, not just the pastors, can lead a group. We also have been able to use it to reach into the community. We currently have two small groups in places of business, where most of the people in the group are either non-believers or those who previously thought the church had nothing to offer. It is a non-confrontational way to convey God’s truth and to provide connections to a world starved for authentic relationship.


  It is our hope that the following pages are helpful if you are interested in learning more about chronological Biblical storytelling. Each page contains the highlights of the topic. If you want to know more, there is a detailed PDF document with more information and resources at the bottom of each page.  It is our prayer that this information would help you to grow in your walk with Jesus and enable you to go and make disciples.


Pastors Paula and Tom Graves