Pastoral Transition 
Pastors Tom and Paula have been called to be deployed pastors from Light of Christ Church. Our church is now in search of a new Lead Pastor. 

Tom Graves

Deployed Pastor

In April of 2020 Pastors Tom and Paula became “deployed pastors” from Light of Christ Church. As deployed pastors they are available to serve as Interim pastors helping congregations in transition. In addition they will continue the Radio, podcast and daily devotions as part of Light of Christ Church. They currently reside in Austin, Minn.
Pastor Tom has been a pastor since 1999 and has served congregations in Wisconsin and in Washington state and is the founding pastor of Light of Christ Church. He worked in the private sector for 12 years after college before the Lord called him into ministry. He is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Platteville and Concordia Theological Seminary. He has a heart for missions and has been on mission trips in different places in the world. Pastor Tom is married to Paula, also a pastor, and they have three grown children.

Paula Graves

Deployed Pastor

Pastor Paula is a graduate of The Master’s Institute in the Twin Cities and enjoys both traditional and non traditional ministry. She fins the possibilities of digital ministry in radio and podcasting fascinating. After growing up on an Iowa farm she graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. Paula worked in clinical laboratories prior to being called as a pastor. She also enjoys her role as wife and mother.

Doug Brock


Doug came to faith through the radio ministry of Pastor Greg Laurie, which set him on a new path in life and eternity. Doug has been our most involved Elder in the Light of Christ podcast since it began in January of 2016. Doug works at a local business in computer aided manufacturing using those insights and knowledge to expand the Kingdom of God in the new age of Christian media. Doug is married to Karyn and they have two grown children.
To assist the pastors at Light of Christ the Lord has provided us with four Elders:
Doug Brock
Bob Holtz
Tom Gardner
Jeff Gronski